TNA Group

Welcome to TNA Group, a Dutch – Thai Joint venture company. TNA specializes in the design and manufacturing of high quality foliar fertilizers and other products for the agricultural and horticultural industries. TNA is committed to research and produce innovative products for the Asian and Middle Eastern regions by combining knowledge and technologies from the Netherlands and Europe with manufacturing facilities in Thailand.

TNA Group was founded in 2005 and was successful in supplying over a 100 domestic customers in Thailand, then in 2016 TNA International was founded together with investors from the Netherlands. TNA Group has expanded to Myanmar, Vietnam, Nepal and India and strives to continue to grow and expand in to the rest of Asia and the Middle East.


News & Event

Mr Stino (Int. Sales Representative) just attended the amazing distributor event of our partners Lion Agrevo (Loc Troi Group) in Vietnam. To help introduce TNA’s Amino Tech and Amino Fish products to the Vietnamese markets!            

TNA brought our customers to teach and show some knowledge and skills of seed farming, irrigation systems and temperature management. TNA will make our best efforts to share and distribute not only our products but our technical knowledge, advice and growing systems.          

At the Amaranth Hotel, Bangkok. TNA hosted a new product training for the management and staff of Global company Myanmar. Thanks to Mr Tanasakulchai and Mr Nay OO for making this day possible.