TNA Group

TNA Blossom Co., Ltd. In 2005 our founder Niti Tanasakulchai took his chance to create a new company to manufacture high quality foliar fertilizers. He saw an opportunity with his scientific background to design and produce products that were mostly imported at this time from Europe and Australia. By producing these products in Thailand itself, TNA was able to provide a very attractive opportunity to the Thai market. To help the Thai farmers with affordable products, crop advice and beneficial payment/credit terms to maximize their yields and profits.

TNA International Co., Ltd. In 2016 TNA Group made a great step in the history of the company. TNA Blossom Co., Ltd joined forces with the P.H Beheer Muller BV from the Netherlands to found TNA International Co., Ltd. P.H Muller B.V provides over 30 years of experience in funding, research contacts and management. This unique cooperation between European and Asian ownership allows us to provide high quality solutions especially tailored to the Asian agriculture markets.

TNA International Co., Ltd. was founded on the idea to use technologies and concepts from the Netherlands with the manufacturing facilities and raw-material sourcing in Thailand. This is how TNA Group can provide high quality and innovative foliar fertilizers and other agricultural products for affordable prices, combined with modern marketing, communication, and logistics to create maximum value for our customers.

Since the founding of TNA International we have developed new products and we have expanded in to Thailand, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and more. Our ambition is to continue to grow and improve to reach and supply all over Asia.

Mission: To provide high quality fertilizers and reliable service to our partners and the farmer.

Vision: To bring TNA’s innovation and products across Asia

Core Values

Why choose TNA?

In the fertilizer market across the world nowadays, there are many companies, producing many kinds of products. Therefore choosing the right product for you company and your farmers can be difficult. At TNA we understand this problem and we aim to provide our customers with clear information, excellent service and expert advice.

To give a clear picture of what TNA can do for your company we have made a small summary, we focus not only on our products, but on service and business aspects that are important in every modern company.

Product Quality & Variety

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