Nutri Phoz

Liquid NPK Fertilizer

Nutri Phoz is a  highly concentrated liquid fertilizer in a clear solution form. Nutri Phoz  is designed to deliver the highest quality Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium in a quick and effective manner. The 7 formulas available in this line cover all needs in terms of NPK requirements. The high concentrations in Nutri Phoz give its high performance in terms of yield, quality and vigor.

Nutri Phoz is produced using a highly technical ‘Neutralization process’. In this process we react alkaline and acidic raw materials to result in a mixture with a near neutral pH. This ensures that all nutrients are easily and efficiently absorbed by the plant, as well as being safe for the soil and the crops.

Nutri Phoz is widely used and recommended by fruit farmers for the ability to produce out season crops like Durian, Mango and Longan.

  • High yields, Great Quality. Nutri Phoz are high quality products with concentrated nutrients that not only give high yields, but great skin, flavor and texture quality in fruits and cereals.
  • Crop Safety. The use of high quality raw materials for our Nutri Phoz, instead of the local low quality materials (ex: Potassium Chloride).  This ensures Nutri Phoz does not contain any chlorides, and are very low in Salt index, which leads to higher Crop Safety. Nutri Pjoz can therefore be sprayed directly on the leaves or used in combination with drip-irrigation systems on the roots

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