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TNA Group It has been our pleasure to welcome 1. DTT Agro Tech Co., Ltd. (Thailand) 2. Hand Green Agro tech Co., Ltd. (Thailand) 3. S.C. Agro tech Co., Ltd. (Thailand) for Product Training and observing our manufacturing facilities on 09/06/2022 Thank you for your visitation.

Big thanks to MITRSOMBOON CO., LTD. (Thailand) for visiting our production plant at our facilities on 09/03/2022 Thank you for your kind visitation

On 8/17/2022 TNA Group has provided “Basic Fire Fighting and Evacuation Fire Drill Training” for all employee, in order to raise awareness of their working environment and surroundings and how to deal with fire situations correctly and safely.

It is our pleasure to welcome KTP Crop Science 2459 Co.,Ltd. (Thailand) to observe our Foliar fertilizer and Micronutrients manufacturing facilities on 8/11/2022 Thank you for your visitation.

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