Nutri Gold K 3-0-33


Nutri Gold K (3-0-33) is an innovation in liquid foliar fertilizer. Produced using Potassium in Organic salt
(Acetate) form, which is a natural plant metabolite. This Potassium form, plants can easily absorb
through the leaves, faster than other forms of Potassium fertilizers that are common in the market. This
is due to the smaller molecular size. Nutri Gold K (3-0-33) is also chloride-free and has a very low salt
index. Therefore, it is very safe when applied using foliar fertilizer. When applied by foliar spray, there is
no burning effect on the leaves and soft plant tissues.


  • Promotes sugar and starch translocation
  • Increases yield
  • Maintains quality parameters such as size, shape, color, taste, and shelf life


  • Absorbs much faster than other forms of Potassium fertilizers due to its smaller molecular size.
  • Safe for crops due to low salt index.
  • Rapid absorption rate in the leaves, especially during dry weather and strong sunlight.
  • Reduces rain-washing due to rapid absorption


Nitrogen (N)33.5
Phosphorous (P2O5)00
Potassium (K2O)2533


AppearanceClear Liquid
Density1.32 Kg/L
pH8 - 9
Salt Index(SI)28.80

Usage Instructions

Usage Instructions
Crop TypeDilution Rate per 20 L.Application Rate
Fruity Vegetables30-40ml0.5-1L/Ha
Rice, Corn30-40 ml0.5-1L/Ha
Ornamentals30-40 ml0.5-1 L/Ha
Root Crops30-40 ml0.5-1 L/Ha