Nutri Spray Leaf Stop


The TNA’s Nutri Spray product line consists out of highly concentrated NPK’s combined with trace elements in powder form.  Nutri Spray is produced with a brand NEW ‘Spray Dry’ & ‘Neutralization Process’ technology; this ensures that this new product line will offer several advantages over the other powder products in our assortment.

TNA Nutri Spray includes an innovative Double Buffer technology. After mixing Nutri Spray products with water, it will buffer both acidic pH’s to neutral as well as alkaline pH’s to neutral, making this perfectly suited for sensitive crops and professionals who control all factors.

Furthermore, the product quality for these new powder products is of very high standards, due to the very high concentrations of NPK’s and the fact that this homogenous powder is dissolved within 15 seconds.

Lastly, Nutri Spray is completely safe for crops due to the neutral PH and the fact that it contains no chlorides at all.

Benefits: Prevents leaf budding when flowering or fruit setting.

Helps plants accumulate nutrients before flowering.

Promotes flowering when out of season and increases the accumulation of starch and sugar.

Stimulates the development of mature leaves. Increases sweetness and produce quality

Adjusts pH in mixing tank to Neutral

Increase starch accumulation in Tuber crop

Packing sizes: 15kg, 1kg, 50gr


Nitrogen (N)0%
Phosphorous (P2O5)35%
Potassium (K2O)40%
Plant Regulator0.8%


AppearanceFine Powder
pH (in 1% solution)6.5-7.0

Usage Instructions

Usage Instructions
Tuber crops20-40gr0.5-1Kg/Ha