Nutri Tabble Tonik


TNA’ Nutri Tabble Tonik are Nitrophenolate + Trace Elements in effervescent tablet form. Nutri Tabble Tonik is specially designed for the ultimate convenience for the end user, as well as several other benefits like perfect dosage, optimal yields as well as an extra buffer agent. Nutri Tabble Tonik contains an added buffer agent that adjusts the pH of the water in the spray tank to enhance agrochemical and nutrient effectiveness.

The Plant Growth Regular Sodium nitrophenolate is a high-tech plant growth regulator with nutrient, adjustment, and disease-resistance, which can be adapted to all plants due to the biological action that is present in all crops. It provides many benefits such as increased germination, rooting, vegetative growth and flower/bud development.


  • Enhanced nutrient mobility and foliar absorption 
  • Improved germination rate
  • Increased flowering and fruit bearing rate, significant yield increase
  • Increase stress resistance caused by climate change or conditions
  • Boosts chlorophyll to increase photo-synthesis


  • Easy to use ,no need for measuring, always perfect dosage.
  • Buffering agent increases nutrient and agrochemical efficiency.
  • 3 in 1 Plant regulator + Nutrients + Buffering agent

Packing Sizes: 10 tablets in strip packaging, 10 strips per box (500gr). 50 tablets per Can (250gr)


Sodium Nitrophenolate3%
Buffering agent30%


ColourLight Orange
pH (in 1% RO Water Solution)3-4

Usage Instructions

Crop TypeTablets per 20 L.Tablets per 200 L.Application Rate
Fruits1-210-2050-100 Tablets/Ha
Cereals11015-30 Tablets/Ha
Vegetables11015-30 Tablets/Ha
Ornamentals11015-30 Tablets/Ha