Tailor Made / Private Label Production

Our product, your brand!

At TNA we focus on only a few things: Production, Research, Development, Design and Innovation. There are part of our core values and competences, and will remain of the highest priority in the future.

All our products are designed and manufactured by our own staff and in our own laboratory. Due to the fact we focus primarily on manufacturing we offer a unique and very attractive option for our customers: Tailor Made / Private Label Production.

In this concept any customer can choose one of our products, and we can produce them with your brand, label and packaging. Our customers can use our product quality and designs, and sell them in their own marketing style.

Furthermore at TNA we can customize all our products. We have over 60+ customer in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia which order slightly different types of products according to their target market.

This concept works as follows:

1. Tell us the formula you want, or choose one of our TNA base products

2. To your wishes, we can customize the formula to make your perfect product

3. Choose to order finished product for retail, or bulk for repackaging

4. Choose your label, packaging and artwork

5. Finished!

Whether you are a manufacturer, dealer, distributor or importer it does not matter. Everyone has to opportunity to sell their own branded, high quality foliar fertilizers with TNA Agrigroup Co., Ltd.