Nutri Clear

Specialized Liquid Nutrients

Nutri Clear are a collection of various liquid fertilizer that either serve a specific purpose or are tailored to a specific crop. It contains Cal Max Hard, Silitech 40 and Zinc Clear 10%.

Cal Max Hard is an Calcium, Magnesium and Boron solution of high quality and concentration. It has shown to be one of TNA’s best products in terms of yield, quality and affordability. Cal Max Hard is a favorite among Thai fruit farms of Mango, Durian and other high value export crops. It greatly increases quality, skin strength and color.

Calcium and boron are immobile elements. That is, once set in place within the plant, these 2 elements will not be translocated to other areas of the plant. This is why foliar spraying has proven to be the most effective way of feeding these nutrients.

Silitech 40 is an innovative highly concentrated soluble Silicon product which is very effective on all cereal crops, most notably rice. Silicon is gaining more popularity recent years as a foliar fertilizer ingredient due to the beneficial effects on cereals. When used in rice crops it many benefits like natural resistance against pests, increased photosynthesis and energy due to stronger and longer rice stalks.