Nutri Flow

Suspension Liquid Fertilizer

The use of suspension concentrate micronutrient fertilizers on fruits and vegetables are a great way to boost yield and correct mineral deficiencies. They are a beneficial supplement to soil-applied NPK fertilizers in order to boost flavours, sweetness, mineral density, quality and yield.

Due to the small particle size (0.5 – 3 micron), the crops will be able to uptake these highly concentrated nutrients via the plant stomata. The uptake via the plant stomata has proven to be a highly efficient way to transport the necessary nutrients throughout the plant.

Lastly, the high concentration of specific elements allows for continuous and long lasting supply of nutrients throughout the life cycle of the crops.

Strongest product. Nutri Flow formulas are very highly concentrated with concentrations of up to 70%. Nutri Flow is mainly used as a supplement. High concentrations are very attractive to farmers, who want to see high values of nutrients which guarantee effectiveness.

Controlled release. Nutrients are released over time, this ensures that the crop will have available nutrients up to 3 weeks. This gives the crop the chance to absorb as many nutrients as possible over a long period of time.

Low application rate. The high concentration of nutrients results in very low application rates and therefore the longevity of one unit for the farmer.

Small particle size. Produced using the ‘Jet Mill Technology’ which results in extremely small particles sizes (0.5 – 3 Micron), that can be absorbed easily through the leaf stomata.