Nutri Plus

All-in-one annual crop foliar fertilizers

TNA’s Nutri Plus is a new liquid foliar fertilizer concept where we want to provide all necessary nutrients in only 2 formulas, Nutri Plus 1 & 2. These formulas contain NPK’s (Macronutrients), Trace elements (Micronutrients), Amino acids and Bio Stimulants (plant hormones). Nutri Plus is specifically designed for ‘annual crops’ like Rice, Beans and Vegetables that grow fast and have to be replanted after harvesting.

TNA’s Nutri Plus product line is extremely easy to use for the farmer. Nutri Plus 1 is for the early growth / vegetative growth stage (high in Nitrogen), and Nutri Plus 2 is for the late stage or reproductive stage of the crops (High in Potassium & Phosphorous). In combination with regular NPK soil fertilizer, Nutri Plus will cover all necessary nutrients and will give the farmer healthy crops with great yield, for an affordable price. In clear liquid form it is easy to dissolve and mix, and perfect for foliar application.

  • All-in-one fertilizer. Nutri Plus contains all necessary nutrients for annual crops, no additional supplements or foliar fertilizers required. It contains Macro & Micronutrients, Amino Acids & Bio Stimulants
  • High yields, affordable price. Nutri Plus are high quality products, but with a very affordable price. The concept is specifically for farmers in the Asian region, who own small to medium size farms and cannot invest too much in many different fertilizers. Nutri Plus is the perfect solution in this situation for a better harvest, yield and crop quality.
  • Crop Safety. The use of high quality raw materials for our Nutri Plus, instead of the local low quality materials (ex: Potassium Chloride).  This ensures Nutri Plus does not contain any chlorides, and are very low in Salt index, which leads to higher Crop Safety. Nutri Plus can therefore be sprayed directly on the leaves or used in combination with drip-irrigation systems on the roots

Nutri Plus Formulas & Application