Nutri Phoz K 0-40-48


Nutri Phoz K 0-40-48 is a clear liquid NPK solution with an emphasis on delivering high quality Phosphorus and Potassium to the crop. Phosphorous and Potassium are crucial components of plant nutrition, being of the 3 major plant nutrients. Phosphorous among other things is a component of plant DNA and RNA, essential for plant structure and seed yield.

Potassium improves the overall health of growing plants and helps them fight against disease, it is known as the “quality” nutrient. Potassium affects quality factors such as size, shape, color and vigor of the seed or grain, and improves the fiber quality of cotton.

Nutri Phoz K 0-40-48 contains no Nitrogen, giving this product the special ability to adjust C:N Ratio to promote flowering, Prevent leaves budding due to oversupply of Nitrogen, ultimately giving farmer one of the best tools for out-season growing of fruits!


  • Improved flower formation and seed production
  • Improvements in crop quality
  • Helps translocate sugars and starches
  • Produces grains rich in starch
  • Adjusts C:N Ratio to promote flowering and out-season fruit production


  • Crop Safety
  • Neutral pH

Packing Sizes: 200 Liter, 20 Liter, 5 Liter, 1 Liter, 500ml, 250ml


Nitrogen (N)0%0%
Phosphorous (P2O5)25%40%
Potassium (K2O)30%48%


AppearanceClear Liquid
Density1.65-1.67 Kg/L

Usage Instructions

Usage Instructions
Crop TypeDilution Rate per 20 L.Application Rate
Fruits40-60 ml2-4 L/Ha
Cereals30-40 ml0.5-1 L/Ha
Vegetables30-40 ml0.5-1 L/Ha
Ornamentals30-40 ml0.5-1 L/Ha