Nutri Tabble Amino


Nutri Tabble Amino is an amino acid foliar fertilizer product in effervescent tablet form. Nutri Tabble Amino is an innovative way to deliver Amino Acids to the crops: Very convenient and easy to use, no weighing and measuring required in the field, thus reducing time and preventing over/underdosing problems that can damage crops and decrease yields.

Nutri Tabble Amino contains a buffering agent that adjusts the pH level in the tank mix from alkaline to weakly acidic. Which can greatly enhance agrochemical and nutrients when sprayed to the crop.


  • Increase stress resistance caused by climate change or extreme conditions like heat or cold
  • Amino acids are a component of proteins, boosting the protein synthesis process
  • Amino acids are essential for the synthesis of plant hormones such as auxin, ethylene and others


  • Easy to use, no need for measuring, always perfect dosage
  • Prevents over/underdosing issues
  • Buffering agent increases nutrient and agrochemical efficiency.


Amino Acids20%
Magnesium (MgO)8%
Sulfur (S)4%
Buffer Agent30%


ColourLight Yellow
pH 1% solution (RO

Usage Instructions

Usage Instructions
Crop TypeDilution Rate per 20 L.Application Rate
Fruits1-2 Tablets50-100 Tablets/Ha
Vegetables1-2 Tablets15-30 Tablets/Ha
Cereals & Beans1-2 Tablets15-30 Tablets/Ha
Ornamentals1-2 Tablets15-30 Tablets/Ha
Root Crops1-2 Tablets15-30 Tablets/Ha