Nutri Bio Stimulant

Liquid Amino & Biostimulants

Nutri Bio Stimulant is TNA’s line of organic and organic based products also called Bio Stimulants. This product lines uses the power and nutrition of animal & plant based raw materials to provide better and more complete nutrition to your crops. TNA has 2 types of organic product: Amino acids and Seaweed.

Amino Tech (free amino acids) and Nutri Fish Extract (Protein chains) are made from high quality marine fish (Tuna), and provide your crops with a complete amino acid profile in only 5 days after spraying. Feeding Amino acids directly to the plant via foliar spraying is very effective at reducing climatic stress like drought and heat stress, preventing crops from shutting down and greatly reducing yield.

  • High Quality Organic Resource. By using Tuna fish as a raw material TNA produces amino solutions with a complete amino profile (20 types), so every vital amino acid will be absorbed and used by the crop. Whereas the use of plants as raw materials like Soybean, plant proteins only contain 17 amino acids which results in lower effectiveness when treating plants.
  • Organic Production Process. TNA uses the Enzyme hydrolysis process to break down proteins in to free amino acids. This natural process of hydrolysis results in free amino acids which are undamaged and completely absorbable. In contrast with using acid hydrolysis where  amino acids are damaged and unable to be used by the crops.
  • Resistance to Climatic Stress. TNA Nutri Bio Stimulant products are vital to protect crops against climatic influence like heat, cold, drought etc. By providing the plant with easily absorbable amino acids and proteins the plant can function properly even in bad conditions.