Nutri Gold K

Nutri Gold K liquid NPK solutionsare an innovation in liquid foliar fertilizer. Produced using Potassium in Organic salt (Acetate) form, which is a natural plant metabolite. This Potassium form, plants can easily be absorbed through the leaves, much faster than other forms of Potassium fertilizers that are common in the market. This is due to the smaller molecular size. Nutri Gold K liquids are also chloride-free and has a (extremely) low salt index. Therefore, it is very safe when applied using foliar fertilizer. When applied by foliar spray, there is no burning effect on the leaves and soft plant tissues.

Nutri Gold K can be used when Potassium is deficient, and the crop needs a rapid increase in Potassium. Nutri Gold K is perfect for spraying during rainy seasons when rain-washing is a risk factor. Due to its low deliquescence point (slow evaporation), Nutri Gold K can also be used during hot and sunny days when evaporation of the spray solution before absorption is a problem.